Jeff Bezos criticizes Musk’s acquisition of “Twitter”. He hinted at his relationship with China

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos shared a tweet in which suggests that China could gain influence on Twitter once the acquisition of the popular platform is completed social media by the richest man in the world, Elon Musk.

Bezos posed a question to his followers, writing, “Has the Chinese government acquired some influence on the city square?”, Alluding to Musk’s trade relations with China.

In his tweet, Bezos indicated that Elon Musk opened a factory for Tesla in Shanghai in 2018, as well as the company’s strong reliance on auto from Chinese companies for the supply of materials used to manufacture its batteries.

Bezos’ tweet comes after Twitter’s board of directors on Monday approved Musk’s takeover of the company. in a deal worth nearly $ 44 billion.

China has banned many platforms and websites of social media Western countries, including Twitter, as Beijing is instituting a ban called the “Great Firewall”, which blocks access to numerous sites social media Westerners, including Facebook, Instagram and “The YouTube”.

“My answer to my question may not be, as the most likely outcome in this regard is complexity in China for (Tesla) rather than (Twitter) censorship, ”Bezos added.

“Mask is very good at handling this kind of complexity,” he tweeted.

Despite the warning, Bezos’ comments are the latest in a long feud between billionaires.

Both of the two richest men in the world have often competed over who was the richest, as well as their space ambitions over the years.
Elon Musk is the CEO and co-founder of SpaceX, while Bezos manages his space project through his company, Blue Origin.

While Musk vowed to enhance Twitter’s role as a “digital public square for free speech” where users can speak and discuss freely, the acquisition has alarmed some politicians and activists who fear it will give to the richest man in the world. excessive control over speech online.

However, the billionaires who own companies of media I’m not a new phenomenon: Bezos himself owns the Washington Post, while Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff bought Time magazine in 2018.

But Twitter is unique in how much is a platform in which millions of people interact and share content, e in how much tale it is under the control of the regulatory authorities.

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