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Jen Harley publishes photos of bruises and black eye allegedly fighting with Ronnie Magro – Snooki Slams As A Bully


Jen Harley and Ronnie Magro are still slamming through social networks. After Ronnie blew up his little mother for a protection order, forcing him to spend his birthday without his daughter, Harley shares more of his story.

Magro had to spend Thanksgiving and her birthday away from Ariana Magro because of a protective order that was imposed on Jen and Ariana shortly after their volatile fight. Since then, both come and go in both subliminal and less subliminal messages.

Jen is apparently sick of being called toxic. She consulted her Instagram stories to show her bruises and a black eye alleging they came from the Jersey Shore star. She also criticized Snooki as a bully.

Harley refers to the episode of the podcast where Snooki accused Jen of “showing” her bruises because she wore a tank top and shorts in public.

“I have the impression that she came out intentionally to get a picture of her. You do not need to wear a tank top, showing your bruises and bruise on your leg. She is wearing booty shorts to show it. You can go out with your daughter and have lunch, but cover them up so it’s nothing. She wants it to be a thing. She wants to show her bruises, “said the mother of three at The Situation after the news was announced that Ronnie had been charged and arrested.

In addition, Jen hints that she and Ron will go to court on December 20 and claim that he is not sober.

She shared several photos of him alongside a legend that said, “When your daddy baby came out and made his tail right in front of the Miami Lmfao court.”


It’s always a very sad situation all around.

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