Jenna Dewan Says She Brings “Old School Romance” Back to New Flirty Dancing Show

Jenna Dewan hosts the new virtual reality show Fox Flirty Dancing, and the 39-year-old woman is thrilled to show viewers how easy it is to fall in love when you connect with someone through the art of dance. Dewan’s new show is based on the original UK version, and she says it brings “old-fashioned romance” to modern dating.

Flirty Dancing follows a group of strangers who each individually learn half of a couple’s dance routine. Then, when the two people meet for the first time on a blind date, they do not speak. Instead, they simply perform the dance routine they have learned.

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Dewan – who is a longtime dancer – recently told Entertainment Tonight that the new series was “absolutely amazing”.

“It’s such a fun and cool show that I film and spend the best time doing it,” said Dewan. “I watched the British version and fell in love. I literally cried in the first episode I saw. “

Dewan explained that the show is incredibly fun because it forces two people to use only movement and eye contact to connect, which allows them to “really get away from the chemistry.” She says that you must immediately abandon all of your walls to connect. And, as an experienced dancer, Dewan says it’s easy to know when there is chemistry and when there isn’t.

Despite all her dancing experience, the Step Up star says she never danced with someone she didn’t rehearse with. But, she had a first meeting with someone, then when she danced with them for the first time, she felt “something”. [/ embed]

She explained that there was something about when you let go and don’t use your words. As you move with each other’s bodies, Dewan says there is a different type of connection that can be made.

The nice thing about Flirty Dancing, says Dewan, is that it gets back to basics because we all need connection and love. She added that the people on the show are looking for love, and when the sparks fly during their dances, she becomes super emotional.

Jenna Dewan is currently in an ugly battle for the care of her ex-husband Channing Tatum over their six-year-old daughter Everly. However, she has found a new love with Steve Kazee, and they are expecting their first child together.


Flirty Dancing will be featured on Fox on Sunday, December 29. And, it will switch to its regular period from Wednesday, January 1.

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