Jennifer Aniston says her family told her she would never make a dime

It’s no secret that Jennifer Aniston is one of the most successful actors on the planet after playing Rachel Green in Friends for ten seasons. But the 50-year-old beauty recently revealed that when she told her family that she wanted to pursue a career in the theater, she told him she would “never make a dime”.

Aniston is on the cover of the “People of the Year” issue of People magazine. In her interview, she stated that her family had not offered her any support when she told him that she wanted to become an actress.

“And then, friends came,” said Aniston. “If there were defeats in my family,” it’ll never be … you’ll never make a dime “[laughs], look at me, do not threaten me that way, God knows now that I’m going to do two sous. “

Aniston is the daughter of John Aniston, long-time star of Days Of Our Lives, and his first wife, the late model Nancy Dow. She said that the hardest thing for her when she was young was to become honest with herself about her relationship with her family, which meant telling them the truth without fear. Aniston says his work reflected that.

In an interview last year with Elle magazine, Aniston explained that her mother came from a world in which she always advised: “Honey, take better care of yourself” or “Honey, put your face on your head”. She says she remembers the strange sounds of her childhood, but her mother told her these things only because she really loved him.

“It was not her who was trying to be a b ** ch or knowing that she would make deep wounds that I would then spend a lot to undo. She did it because that’s how she grew up, “Aniston said.

Unfortunately, his mother was missing what was really important. And Aniston thinks she was just holding on and doing her best as a single mother struggling in the 1980s.

Aniston also spoke in People’s interview about the “endless” question of the meeting of friends. A-lister replied “we are trying” and asked what could make a group of six actors more proud of him.

“It brings joy to people every day,” said Aniston.

The star of the Morning Show said last year had taught her how much she was able to do it and that the words “I challenge you” or “No” always make her go, “Oh, okay. Well, let’s see.

Jennifer Aniston is “thrilled” by the reaction of fans and critics to her latest dramatic role in The Morning Show. She is also co-executive producer with her co-star, Reese Witherspoon, and Aniston says it has been “incredibly rewarding”.


The Morning Show is now streaming on Apple TV +.

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