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Jennifer Aniston Says She Still Sees Kids In Her Future Ahead Of Her 51 st Birthday!


The Pals starlet is now 51 years of ages and not just does she look half her age however it ends up that she still sees children in herfuture As fans understand, Jennifer Aniston is not a mom however that may alter one day extremely soon.

Obviously, Jen has a ‘little screenshot in [her] brain’ of kids running around!

On her 51 st birthday today, Aniston’s cover story for Interview publication likewise dropped and the hot photos of her included in the publication are simply excellence!

In Addition, she was spoken with by fellow starlet and buddy Sandra Bullock and the concerns were quite individual.

‘What is it that you haven’ t done yet that you are anticipating doing? Is it on a work level? Is it on a spiritual evolvement level? Is everything of the above?’ Bullock asked the other starlet.

In action, Jen made it clear that she still seen kids in her future even though she hasn’t done that.

‘My gut reaction was to just say all of the above. It is not so much what I see myself doing, but it is more like a little screenshot in my brain, in which I hear the ocean, see the ocean, I hear laughter, see kids running, I hear ice in a glass, smell food being cooked. That is the joyous snapshot in my head,’ she exposed.

If she is likewise at the beach home with her in that picture and Jen guaranteed her that she is,

Sandra jokingly asked! Their relationship is actually adorable!

However that may likewise suggest that Jennifer was speaking about Sandy’s kids running around given that the other Hollywood star is the mom of 10 years of age boy Louis and 8 years of age child Laila.


She even went on to enhance her friend on her ‘lovely home and a stunning man and two gorgeous children.’

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