Jennifer Hudson did not know would have “ears or tail” in Cats

Jennifer Hudson did not know would have “ears or tail” in Cats

Jennifer Hudson under a heap of visual effects.

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Probably the least said about The cats of 2019 the better. Yet, a year it’s a half since its release, Jennifer Hudson launched his mind back to what it was like Working on the infamous musical film, in particularly when it came to seeing the digital fur technology applied to her performance.

“Well, I didn’t know I would have ears or a tail, “Hudson, who played main character Grizabella the Glamor Cat, he told the Empire.

Hudson primarily remembers the emotional toll of the role which involves singing the famous song Memory.

“For me Grizabella was almost mashed potato emotional, “he said.” I was … like, ‘Good, how how many tears can cry? ‘ Do you understand the depths I have to go to in order to do this? give what is honest emotion? As an actor, the trick is to keep it for yourself. “

Hudson touched on her performance of Memory, in which real snot draws dribbling down her face.

“The snot that was coming out, that was real. Every inch of it. And I was like, ‘Self people he just knew. The depth of that emotion. ‘”

Cats, based on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s stage musical, featured a stacked cast, including Judi Dench, Idris Elba, Rebel Wilson, James Corden, Jason Derulo, Ian McKellen, Ray Winstone and Taylor Swift.

The film was panned by critics. Between skewer the screenplay and shows, them also took issue with visual effects. Many called him the worst movie of always.

Fortunately, Hudson took far one positive: her called her cat, which he got during the preparation for the film, Grizabella.

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