Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez– Inside Their Wedding Plans After Original Date Got Cancelled Due To The Pandemic!

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were certainly eagerly anticipating getting married prior to the COVID-19 pandemic now, things have actually certainly altered! They have not altered in terms of how they feel about each other and about getting married however their plans!

The pandemic and all that it indicates has actually certainly impacted the set’s wedding plans and one expert report now discusses how!

The source dished through HollywoodLife that ‘They’ re being practical about whatever and they were quite in the thick of it with numerous information in location prior to coronavirus occurred.’

Simply put, rather of thinking about other, more non-traditional methods to get wed amidst the quarantine, such a as a Zoom wedding, their believed procedure is simply: ‘since nobody knows what is happening in the world, there is no sense in planning anything further right now.’

Jen and Alex, who got engaged back in March of in 2015, do not feel in a rush or pressured in any method to get wed as soon as possible.

That being stated, they have no problem taking their time and waiting on the break out to disappear.

‘Jennifer and Alex love each other very much and don’ t need to be wed to strengthen that. When it is safe, they are in a holding pattern like everyone else and they will get back to it. When it comes to now however, the focus isn’t on the wedding till this pandemic passes,’ the expert described through the very same news outlet.

Certainly, the engaged couple is intending on concentrating on their and others’ safety for the time being.

Considering that a vaccine for COVID-19 is yet to be made, it’s still uncertain when the pandemic will go away however J.Lo. and her future husband want to wait as long as it takes.


When it’s all safe once again, then they can feel confident that their wedding can be not just danger- likewise ideal however complimentary and precisely how they dream it to be!

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