Jennifer Lopez wore the Jungle dress by Versace on Saturday night live in 2001 and 2019 – Watch the videos

Jennifer Lopez is known for her beauty, acting skills, and singing and dancing talent – she is also known for the iconic Versace jungle dress she wore at the 2000 Grammys. She created a viral sensation with the dress which has a plunging neckline, cut sides and a long flowing train. JLo not only wore the dress to the Grammys, she also wore it in 2001 when she hosted Saturday Night Live (SNL) and a second time when she hosted again in December 2019. Fans were thrilled to see Jennifer in a dress and pictures of the 50-year-old beauty went viral and praised Jennifer’s style.

Jennifer’s makeup was on the point and she accentuated her natural beauty without looking too much made up.

Donatella Versace shared several videos of JLo wearing the dress on Saturday Night Live and the two videos spark conversations from those who are impressed with JLo’s eternity. At 50, Jennifer Lopez is dizzy and her body is as amazing now as it was decades ago. You can see the first video Donatella shared from Jennifer Lopez when she hosted Saturday Night Live with the caption below.

“Simply superb Jennifer! @NBCSNL @jlo #saturdaynight #jenniferlopez #jungledress ”

Over 59,000 people liked the video and Donatella shared a second video back of Jennifer wearing the same dress. Although the Jungle Versace dress has been worn by other celebrities and many people around the world, the dress is associated with Jennifer Lopez.

“Jennifer on SNL in the original jungle dress in 2001, she is still as beautiful today, who can make a difference !? @NBCSNL @jlo #saturdaynight #jenniferlopez #jungledress”

Jennifer looked almost identical in the two videos, except for her hairstyle. JLo wore his hair in many styles and different colors. She looks gorgeous in many hairstyles due to her oval face. In the last video, Jennifer wore her hair with a side part and it ran down her back in loose waves. The style contrasts with the straight, long cut she wore in 2001.


What do you think of Jennifer Lopez wearing the Versace Jungle dress on Saturday Night Live in 2001 and 2019?

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