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Jeremy Renner in Hawkeye never understands what the MCU movies will look like until the end


In a new interview, Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner revealed that he has no idea how the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are being made.

“Well, that’s different, right? You want to see it – I know what [Wind River 2017] will look like when it’s done,” Renner told GQ in a video interview posted on YouTube. “I have no idea what the film will look like in the Marvel universe. I have no idea.”

The actor, who plays Clint Barton / Hawkeye at MCU, said he always remembered the scenes he recorded but was never 100% aware of what those scenes would look like on the big screen.

” . for example, if you did not know what the page looked like or what the Hulk looked like, it’s just completely different,” Renner continued. ” . But during the recording process, some things inform you. For example, you focus only on what you know and do not worry about what you do not know. Or you learn things you do not know. You know, “You do not. You know.

The actor also thought about how to make action sequences for MCU projects, noting: “There’s a lot of makeup too, and you wear the most inappropriate clothes to do makeup, yes, you know? That’s all. But you know, what you do. your best with the boundaries and move on. ”

Renner’s comments on his experience filming an MCU project come a few weeks after the actor admitted he almost missed playing the lead role in The Avengers. “Iron Man was out and I said, ‘Look man, I love what you’re doing’ because I loved Iron Man,” Renner said at the time. “[But] you need to sign up for some Avengers and potential Hawkeye movies. They’re a sign of your life.” Renner also admitted his doubts about wearing tights to the 50-year-old: “It was like my biggest concern.”

Despite being at MCU for a decade and currently starring in the Disney + series “Hawkeye,” Renner recently revealed that he has only seen Avengers: Endgame once. “I saw it for the premiere, but it was just something we all celebrated. We laughed and cried and there was a lot, there was a lot to do,” the actor recalls. “I will never see him again. It was a very difficult experience. We all laughed and laughed. It’s great we were as members of the audience and it was good to live. Nice good experience to share.”

The first four episodes of Hawkeye are now streamed on Disney +, with a new episode airing every Wednesday.


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