JETT Includes The Far Shore Getting Free Campaign DLC

Given Time, a free expansion for JETT: The Far Shore will be released, according to Superbrothers and Pine Scented Software.


Given Time, a free campaign extension from The Far Shore creators Superbrothers and Pine Scented Software has been unveiled. Nearly a year has passed since JETT: The Far Shore, the first Superbrothers game since the release of the Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP in 2011, was made available for PC and PlayStation platforms. It appears that Superbrothers won’t keep us waiting too long as JETT: The Far Shore’s development is still going strong.

JETT: The Far Shore had a mixed reception upon release since players weren’t sure what to make of the game, which is apt given Superbrothers’ reputation for unusual and beautiful experiences. In JETT, players explore a planet using scanners and navigation equipment to examine the flora and animals closely. However, it seems that the tale of Mei, her people, and the hymnwave is far from ending. With the second installment of JETT’s journey, Superbrothers has more to say and demonstrate.


In 2023, Given Time will formally debut as a free JETT: The Far Shore. Mei’s journey will be continued in the expansion’s brand-new campaign for the action-adventure game. Still, she will be following the hymnwave on her own this Time. Three years after the end of JETT’s primary campaign, Given Time will take place. Sadly, the Given Time video offers little new information about the game. However, it does have some alluring music from scntfc.

Superbrothers created something more urgent to commemorate the game’s anniversary because the JETT: The Far Shore DLC is still a ways off. A JETT demo will be made accessible as part of the subsequent Steam Next Fest event beginning October 3. The “0. Embark” prologue chapter from JETT will be included in the demo. It’s unclear whether the demo will be accessible solely during Next Fest or if it will always be possible to download for free.

Craig D. Adams, a co-creator of JETT, claims that the new Given Time campaign will differ from the first in some significant respects. According to him, the experience would be much more player-driven and feature a lot of free-roaming action. He further claims that by using JETT’s ecosystem-solving and light survival technologies, the team is “getting more out of” them. Expect more “cosmic prog rock spectacle in unexpected locations,” of course.

Given Time will definitively wrap up Mei’s tale and, as many JETT players will resentfully recall, provide the answers to various unresolved issues left open after the game’s primary campaign. The new campaign will ideally embrace the oddity at the core of the JETT action-adventure experience. By 2023, further information is to be expected.


JETT: The Far Shore is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.