Jhene Aiko is congratulated by Snoop Dogg, Nipsey Hussle’s friend, for posting these photos, but she is called by some critics

Jhene Aiko recently turned to social media and posted some pictures of her trip to Hawaii, where she wore a blue outfit.

The singer, who was a close friend of the late Nipsey Hussle, was commended by Snoop Dogg for capturing the well-known street gang, the Crips. However, a few people sued the talented singer for the choice of clothes.

One person said, “Lies … I’m from L.A … those of us who are smart do not make shit. Snoop as, who lives behind gates, rarely goes to the hood and is too old to ALWAYS push gang life. “

This social media user revealed: “People say how irresponsible it is to promote gangs, but love to shout” neighborhood “with / for Nipsey LoL … you do not even know how to be consistent”

This supporter said, “I love him anyway. She’s just a pretty girl with an army of gangstas behind her, and it’s me. ???????????????????? “

Nipsey’s death continues to echo in the corridors of the music world, even though several months have passed since the tragic incident.

While many left the tragic incident, others continue to cry in silence and pay tribute to the late rapper.

In a recent example, Jhene announced that she was planning to postpone her next major release because she did not think the time was right for Nipsey’s death.

She simply added that she wanted to use this time to reflect on Nipsey’s life and death and that she did not feel entitled to publish her work at that time.

Jhene played at the funeral of the MC and the activist and shared on social media a moving message that said: “You inspired me so much, you motivated me … you make me so proud to be from the same city. I am honored to know you and so grateful that you have always shown me love and support. People have always thought that you were one of my brothers and, in a way, you are. My heart is so heavy. We really lost a little gem. L.A crying. It will never be the same. My prayers and heartfelt condolences go to your wife, children, family, friends and fans. We will never forget you. We will never let you forget the things you have taught. you are a legend !!! the coldest, the most real … rest Nipsey peacefully.

And of course, there is no shortage of people still crying the iconic rapper and accepting Jhene’s position on the situation.

It seems that a large number of Nipsey fans find it important to pay homage to the rapper who died even today, in order to preserve his living legacy and his strength and to be a support for Lauren London who is driven like a queen.


Is Jhene doing the right thing?

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