Jihad Squad joke about Ilhan Omar kicks up a storm

Controversial Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) has been charged of “Anti-Muslim fanaticism” after a video surfaced of his jokes that lawmaker Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota) is part of it of a “jihadist team”.

the 75-second clip, posted on PatriotTakes Twitter group, shows Boebert turned to what he described as a Thanksgiving gathering and made a joke about sharing an elevator in the United States Capitol building with Omar is a staff member. When Omar walked into the elevator, the GOP MP joked, told the staff that … “should Take care” since the Democrat “does not have a backpack.”

This sparked cheers and laughter from the crowd, prompting Boebert to utter his punchline: that the “Jihadist team [had] decided to show up for work” that day.

Rejecting the anecdote like “made up” Omar called Boebert a “fool [who] it seems down when he sees me at the Capitol ». She tweeted which was “sad that you think bigotry gets its power”, adding that “Anti-Muslim fanaticism” it was not “fun and shouldn’t be normalized.”

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“Congress cannot be a place where hateful and dangerous Muslim tropes get no condemnations “, she wrote. Omar and Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan), who I’m part of a group of the progressive lawmakers collectively called “the Team” were the first two Muslims women elected at the United States Capitol.

The clip, which was seen over 2.8 million times on Twitter sparked widespread condemnation and calls for Boebert to be censored and undressed of its roles in commission. Tlaib tweeted that tale “Pathetic racist lies” put Omar’s life in danger and I would “Increase hate crimes against Muslims”.

“The continuous silence [and] inaction towards this hateful colleague and others allows violence. It must end “ she wrote.

Other members of the team also replied. Representative Cori Bush (D-Missouri) described Capitol Hill as a “toxic work environment” for Muslims, with “Routine bigots [spewing] racist, islamophobic and uncontrolled vitriol with no consequence “.

Meanwhile, Ayanna Pressley (D-Massachusetts) called remarks such as a “Shameful, deeply offensive [and] dangerous” display of “Islamophobia” against Omar is called on anyone acting in this way to be “reported … and obliged to answer”.

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