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Rand Paul, a senator from Kentucky, has publicly met each other in collided with Anthony Faucic over virus research to behave out before the pandemic. Ted Cruz, from Texas, Fauci . said should being prosecuted for his treatment of the Covid response.

“Yeah,” Fauci told CBS in his Sunday interview. “I have to laugh about that. l should To be prosecuted? What happened on January 6, senator?”

Cruz was one of the Republicans who voted to object to electoral college results in key states, even after Trump supporters gathered An deadly attack on the United States Capitol.

Wanted of he made a scapegoat for Trump’s Flaws Under Covid, Fauci Said: “Of Course You Have To Sleep Not To Understand That” one out . That’s okay, I’m just I’m going to do my job and I’m going to save lives and they’ll lie.”

Play politics with to be role in the Covid response, Fauci said, was “incredible” bad because i’m everything want to do is to save people’s life. that’s what i did for the last 50 years …

“I mean, whoever” whoIf we look at this carefully, we realize that there is a distinctly anti-science taste this. So if they get up and criticize science, nobody goes know where she it over to have. But if they get up and really aim their bullets at Tony Fauci, well, people could recognize that there is a person. There is a face, there is a voice you can recognize him, you see him on television.

“So it’s easy to criticize, but they really criticize science because I represent science. That is dangerous. For me that is more more dangerous than the nooses and arrows die thrown to me.

“I won’t stay here forever, but science will be here forever. And if you have damage? science, you are doing something very harmful to society long after I leave. And that’s what I’m worried about over.”

Here is video of one memorable exchange between Paul and Fauci, from a hearing in the Senate in July:

Fauci to Rand Paul: ‘You don’t’ know where did you get it over’ – video

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