John Kerry goes viral after saying Biden was ‘literally unaware’ of what led to cleavage between the US and France?

White House Climate envoy John Kerry went viral on Tuesday after I told French television that… President Biden Was not informed of the quarrel between the US and France as it fed last month.

During a Monday interview with BFMTV, Kerry tried to smooth out over the international dust buildup after France said it was blinded by Biden’s trilateral government agreement between the US, UK and Australia over the exchange of submarine technology so much so that it prompted French President Emmanuel Macron to briefly bring his ambassador to the US out of the country.

“[Biden] asked me. He said, “What’s the situation?” And I explained – he was unaware of Which. He literally didn’t know about it of what had happened,” Kerry said towards the end? of the interview. “And I do not want to in to enter the details of it, but suffice it to say that the president, my president, is deeply committed to strengthening the relationship and making sure that this one small event of the past and moving on to the lot more important future.”

“@ClimateEnvoy John Kerry says @POTUS is not consulted on reactions of key American allies,” said Senator Bill Hagerty, R-Tenn. “This could explain the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and the sale of Biden Admin out Eastern European allies in NATO & Ukraine as they waive sanctions on Nord Stream 2 pipeline.”

“What else isn’t Joe Biden doing? know?” asked Representative Jim Banks, R-Ind.


“If Joe Biden didn’t know that France had recalled its ambassador, what isn’t he doing? know?” Federalist political editor John Daniel Davidson similarly wondered.

“John Kerry is not doing the President any favors here…,” Fox News employee Joe Concha tweeted.

The interview with the French outlet came just weeks after a US-UK deal with Australia, named AUKUS, canceled a $40 billion submarine contract from 2016 between France and the Australian government.

The agreement with France would have supplied Australia with conventional submarines, while the new agreement will make the Indo-Pacific nation with highly sensitive nuclear submarine technology.


But the AUKUS deal has tarnished US ties with the EU nation, and die from France minister of foreign affairs called the move a stab” in the back.”

A top EU official appointed by French President Emanuel Macron further suggested: last month it was time to “pause and our relationship between the EU and the US again in to set.”

While Kerry told the French outlet that he understood France’s anger, he said… also suggested US tires with France were more more important than a geopolitical bickering.

“We have a relationship” with France that is so much bigger than this moment of what happened with respect for a defect of communication,” he said, adding that there is an “understanding that we have so much to do” work on.”


“Our Commitment…to Our ability until work together is much, much stronger for everyone of these differences over the last few days,” he continued. “President Biden is looking… forward to meeting with President Macron and I are absolutely convinced that the bigger problems die we have to… work on, over nuclear weapons, over cyber warfare, over climate … we have a lot of work to do and we can’t get lost in a snapshot event die i think we will get past very quick.”

Caitlin McFall of Fox News contributed to this report.

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