John Mayer Pokes Fun At Gal Gadot ‘Imagine’ Celebrity Mashup

Previously today, Gal Gadot and a variety of other celebs took a great deal of heat online when they sang a celebrity-packed version of John Legend’s “Imagine,” and posted it to Instagram. While it was most likely in great faith, the response was rather unfavorable.

Ever Since, there have actually been lots of parodies and influencers online who have actually resolved the video, consisting of John Mayer, who satirized the video previously today. Individuals Publication detected the post from the vocalist in which he buffooned the celeb-mashup.

The 42- year-old “Gravity” vocalist shared an episode of his Existing State Of Mind series on Saturday, specifying that Gal had actually asked him to be on the video-clip however he absolutely misinterpreted what he was expected to do. Mayer stated in the clip that he believed they desired him to sing Ariana Grande’s “Imagine” rather.

John modified his clip into the celebrity mash-up in which he was singing along to Ariana’ssong Certainly, the 2 tunes are totally various both in style and in state of mind.

As it was formerly reported, Gal’s “Imagine” video, including herself, Will Ferrell, James Marsden, Kristen Wiig, Natalie Portman, Jimmy Kimmel, and lots of others, was commonly slammed by the public and social media users.

Gal started the video by stating that she was “feeling a bit philosophical” after seeing somebody playing the trumpet, so it just appeared natural to sing “Imagine” from the famous Beatles frontman. The response to it so far has actually been nearly totally unfavorable, with a couple of fans who argue it was made with great intentions.

Previously today, Joe Rogan– who hosts perhaps the most popular podcast worldwide, The Joe Rogan Experience– talked to his repeating visitor Tom Segura about how tone-deaf and out of touch the video was.


It was reported previously today that Ryan Reynolds likewise satirized the video, although, it’s uncertain due to the fact that the star never ever discussed it straight. Reynolds required to his social media to state he had an “important message” from an “important celebrity.”

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