John Wick Resurfaces Beyond the Big Screen – What’s in Store for Action Fans?

John Wick: An Action Film License

John Wick, an action film license, in search of other successes, which weighs very heavy

No doubt, by putting on the costume of the former hitman, Keanu Reeves had a hollow nose. In the space of four films, the Canadian actor has added an iconic role – yet another! — to his filmography and now reigns over action movies with this crazy statistic. Just with son success at box-office with the release of the fourth opus, the saga John Wick proved how popular she was, and it’s far from over. On the side of Lionsgate, on don’t really want to put a point final to this franchise and theon full of ideas to make it indestructible. Like son finally hero.

Further proof of the success of this series of films, it was the president of film productions of Lionsgate, Joe Drake, who himself announced that there would indeed be a chapter 5 hoping to surpass the success of son eldest and his over 400 millions dollars in revenue. Over the course of the feature films, the franchise has made the figures of the box-office which is rather a good omen a few months before the release of the spin-off Ballerina which will be worn by actress Ana de Armas, decidedly sharp for action films (007 Dying Can Wait, The Gray Man, Ghosted…). Nevertheless, the saga has other projects of conquest and intends to invest the small skylight with the series The Continental. Almost ten years after the release of the first part, the license John Wick tackles all formats and hasn’t finished surprising us !

Movies, series… and soon video games? John Wick embarks on a new mission !

Soon, the franchise John Wick will once again invest the world of video games. Certainly, on has already been able to meet Keanu Reeves in son costume black within the game combat SIFU (even if it was a mod) and two previous projects that were John Wick Chronicles and John Wick Hex. The concern is that unlike feature films, these two games did not particularly shine when they were released. Thus, like the hero of the saga it’s time to take revenge. As revealed by Joe Drake, an AAA action game (i.e. a very large production budget) is currently in development at an early stage, which implies that the title will not be on the shelves for a while. Anyway, for John Wick, the circle is complete!

In November 2022, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer gave a speech about this probable foray into video games with a major project. At the time, the CEO had shown some interest in this idea which seems to have since gained momentum behind the scenes. Now, we just have to wisely wait for more information on this move towards video games, a medium that shares porous borders with the license of action films. Playing confessions, the director of the films, Chad Stahelski, revealed that the fourth opus was inspired by a very particular video game. From now on, John Wick will inspire a video game !

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