Johns & Frank’s 80-page special takes in I shoot their new series of images

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s creator- Comics owned images series Geiger receives a giant special in full of November with stories with the so-called “Glowing Man”, plus a teaser for the duo next series.

Giant Geiger 80 pages # 1 puts in shows the tales of Johns, Frank and the like of Bryan Hitch, Jay Faerber, Sterling Gates, Janet Harvey, Leon Hendrix III, Peter J. Tomasi, Pornsak Pichetshote, Staz Johnson, Joe Prado, Paul Pelletier, Sean Galloway, Peter Snejbjerg, Kelley Jones and Megan Levens. His stories include the introduction of a mysterious man known as the Red Vest with links with Geiger, the origin of Two-headed Geiger dog Barney and the background behind the warlords of Las Vegas, a crime group That controls the oasis full of casinos in the goal of GeigerThe futuristic nuclear wasteland.

The special also features a preview of Joe from the landfill, an upcoming project by Johns and Frank who will presumably refer to a in-world cartoon starring a robot soldier that was included in Geiger # 1. Frank’s drawing band saw in a cartoonish style under the pseudonym of Morrie “Muddy” Davis.

“Really amazing bonus work on the original Geiger series I was looking at the interpretations of some of Our favorite artists on the cover variations, “Frank said.” Now we have the thrill of see other artists AND writers who carry these characters to life in new and wonderful ways! “

“The best thing about comics are the friends you meet work with and this book is full of them “, Johns added.

The first issue of Geiger, starring an irradiated titular hero who fights in a Mad Max style post-apocalyptic world, hit comic shops in April. The final registration in the series’ first volume, Geiger # 6, go on sale 1 September Giant Geiger 80 pages releases November 24.

Source: Image Comics

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