Johnson on 9/11: Didn’t shake faith in freedom and democracy

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson felt that the authors of The attacks of 11 September in the United States They could not shake the “belief in freedom and democracy”,in a recorded message that will be shown on Saturday at London’s Olympic Park during an event dedicated to the memory of the tragedy.

In his message, the conservative leader said: “While the terrorists have imposed the burden of pain and suffering, while The threat continues todayWe can say now (…) that they have failed to shake our faith in freedom and democracy “.

“They failed to divide our nations, make us abandon our values, or make us live in constant fear,” added the New York-born British leader.

Speaking of the attacks that killed 67 Britons, he said: “The fact that we are gathered today – in pain but also in faith and determination – shows the failure of terrorism and the strength of the bonds that unite us.”

Johnson also touched upon the return of the Taliban movement to power in Kabul, 20 years after his ouster by the United States, accusing him of hosting al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, who was killed in May 2011. in Pakistan.

In a moment in which the British government stressed that it would judge the Taliban by its actions, Director of Domestic Intelligence Ken McCallum said: Events in Afghanistan “encouraged” extremists and gave them a “moral boost”, noting that its services remain particularly “vigilant” in the face of the terrorist threat.

The director general of MI5 added that the UK could face “greater risks” due to the withdrawal of NATO forces and the internationally supported overthrow of the Afghan government.

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