Johnson: The G7 summit is a huge opportunity for post-coronavirus recovery

After this die World leaders flocked to Cornwall in the south of England, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised the first summit on Friday die Leader of the Group of Seven with personal presence since fast two years ago, and stated that this was an “enormous opportunity” to begin recovery from the Corona crisis.

At the beginning of the first meeting of the heads of state or government in He stressed Cornwall die Need, in More equality in the future in reach the world.

He added, “We need to make sure that after our recovery we move forward and build better. We have a tremendous opportunity as the G7 to do this.”

UK after Brexit

It is noteworthy that the summit from Friday to Sunday on the English coast in the seaside resort of Carbis Bay in takes place near the city of Saint Ives. It will be an opportunity for its host, the UK Prime Minister, to welcome his post-Brexit strategy for a “global UK”, die aims to give the UK an international dimension.

The topic of economic recovery after pandemic and vaccination dominates die Conversations.

Johnson: The G7 summit is a huge opportunity for post-coronavirus recovery

Guests of the group of Seven in South West England (AFP)

The summit will also discuss the climate issue months ahead of November in Glasgow, Scotland, giving priority to the climate summit taking place.

The priorities of the UK Presidency also include die Promoting trade cooperation and multilateral action after the turbulent Trump years, as well as girls’ access to education.

It is noteworthy that die Group of Seven is an informal gathering of great powers die Established in 1975, mainly to discuss economic matters before expanding its scope.

Among its members, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Great Britain and the United States, touched die Often group issues like peace, the environment, and security, however in This year it is expected that the Covid-19 epidemic and climate.

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