Johnson warns: anyone who doesn’t take the Corona vaccine will run out in hospital

LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned Wednesday that the vast majority of patients ending in ICU with Covid-19 did not receive the booster vaccination and urged people to get one.

Johnson said during a visit to a Corona vaccination center, the Omicron mutant is still causing real problems, cases are increasing in hospitals, but it is clear that it is less severe than the Delta mutant, “according to” Reuters “.

He also urged people to pay attention as they celebrate the start of the new year after deciding not to impose stricter restrictions in England to limit the spread of the virus. “I think everyone should enjoy the New Year, but with caution and prudence,” he said prove . think of others and, above all, refresh yourself “.

Interestingly, Britain is currently experiencing daily infections record with Covid-19, which amounted to 129,471 cases yesterday, Tuesday, led by the spread of the highly contagious Omicron mutated by the Corona virus.

Johnson during a visit to a Corona vaccination center
Johnson during a visit to a Corona vaccination center

score record

This comes as the world has registered new levels record of Covid-19 infections over the past week, since a media of more than 935,000 infections were counted daily between 22 and 28 December, according to a census conducted by Agence France-Presse based on official figures.

These numbers, the highest since the outbreak began at the end of 2019, are based on daily reports issued by each country’s health authorities. A large percentage of cases that are less severe or show no symptoms are not detected despite intensified testing in a large number of countries.

Furthermore, the policies applied in matter of test screening differ from country to country.

With 6,550,000 infections recorded in the past seven days, or one media of 965,863 infections per day, the virus is currently spreading at an unprecedented rate, far exceeding the previous highest epidemic rate recorded between 23 and 29 April of 817,000 infections per day.

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