Joint forces oppose new Houthi movements in western Yemen

Clashes between the joint forces on the west coast of Yemen and the Houthi coup militias resumed today, Tuesday, in the Hays front, south of Hodeidah, following new violations by the Houthi militias that resulted in a new failure and losses. human in their ranks.

And i media of the joint forces reported that the Iranian-affiliated militias sent reinforcements from the Al-Jarrahi leadership direction and tried to reorganize their defenses on the two-axis Hays front, and failed, as well as causing human casualties in their ranks.

He pointed out that joint forces units clashed with militia members with various medium and heavy weapons, forcing them to flee and return to where they came from after some of their members were killed and wounded.

He also confirmed that the joint forces have strengthened their control over all lines of contact in the Hays axes, in particularly in the areas remote from which the Houthi militia tried to infiltrate.

Last weekend, the same front witnessed bloody clashes that culminated in heavy casualties among the ranks of the Iranian-affiliated Houthi militias.

The Houthi militia continues to receive attacks at the hands of joint forces on various fighting fronts in Al-Hodeidah Governorate, as a result of their continued escalation to undermine the UN armistice and the process of pace sponsored by the United Nations.

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