Joker 2: Lady Gaga First-Look as Harley Quinn

Todd Phillips, the director of Joker, shared an Instagram photo of Lady Gaga as the Joker for the first time. It was for Valentine’s Day, of course.

Gaga is considered to be playing the DC character Harley Quinn in the sequel to Joker, which came out in 2019, made $1 billion, and won best actor for Joaquin Phoenix.

Phillips directs the movie he wrote with Scott Silver for the second time. Phillips shared looks at Phoenix throughout the last Joker. On December 10, he took to Instagram to announce that filming had begun with a picture of his leading man.

Warner Bros. is planning to release the movie on October 4, 2024, but they are already filming in New York and Los Angeles. A Star Is Born is a movie that Gaga and Phillips worked on together.

The first Joker movie was a surprise hit, and its R rating helped it become one of the most successful DC movies. It was about Arthur Fleck, who wanted to be a stand-up comedian and clown. He kept getting turned down, which worsened his mental health problems. Ultimately, he changes into the Joker and becomes a folk hero. The name of the second book, “Folie à Deux,” comes from a medical term for a mental disorder that affects two or more people who are close to each other, usually members of the same family.

The sequel to The Joker comes at a time when DC is changing. James Gunn and Peter Safran, the new heads of DC Studios, are working on a series of movies, TV shows, animations, and video games that will all take place in the same universe. The only exceptions will be rare projects like Joker or Matt Reeves’ follow-up to The Batman. These will be called DC Elseworlds titles, a term from comics where stories from different universes are told.