Jon Kent is about to enter in war with the Madripoor of DC

ATTENTION: the following contains spoilers for Superman: Son of Kal-El # 2, on sale now from DC Comics.

When Jonathan Kent becomes the new Superman of the DC Universe, he is sure to do a little powerful enemies, especially considering his desire to be an agent of real modify. After wearing a new costume gifted to him from his father, Jon is committed in heroics that make it worthy of the name. Unfortunately, his actions have also made very powerful enemies out of a very dangerous nation seen in precedence in the Wildstorm universe.

Superman: Son of Kal-El # 2 (by Tom Taylor, John Timms, Gabe Eltaeb and Dave Sharpe) sees Jon acting on information provided by the subway news network “The Truth” and save a boat full of refugees from the island nation of Gamorra. Even if they would have drowned if not for the intervention of the new Superman, saving them will have dire consequences for the young Man of Steel, especially considering the history of the nation in the Wildstorm universe.

Gamorra was originally known as Parusia Island until it was conquered by the Gamorra brothers, who then they renamed it themselves. Under the rule of the dictator Kaizen Gamorra, who mercilessly killed his brothers to become the only ruler, this isolated country was transformed in an important center for global terrorism.

The role Kaizen and Gamorra played in global terrorism has attracted attention of the CIA, who kidnapped the dictator and replaced him with their agent, John Colt. By using plastic surgery to assume Kaizen’s identity, Colt transformed the country from a terrorist hive to a world boss in cyber enhancement and genetic engineering.

However, Colt’s rule proved to be just like bad like Kaizen’s with the CIA agent goes mad e using Gamorra’s progress to create an army of cyborg assassins. After Colt’s death, the original Kaizen once became ruler again and took over the country reputation for terrorism. He also had similar ideas to his usurper, creating an army of genetically modified superhumans to carry out its horrible plans. All of this brought Kaizen and the island of Gamorra enters in conflict with the superhero team Stormwatch and their successor, the Authority.

Even if the history of Gamorra is different in the DC Universe, some things remain the same. While the Wild Storm villain Henry Bendix reveals himself to be the leader of the country in this issue, Kaizen was still in precedence the leader of the nation in the DCU. During the New 52, ​​Team 7, which included members such as Black Canary, Deathstroke and Grifter, infiltrated in Gamorra to face Kaizen.

Inclusion of Gamorra in this series and the latest example of crossing the WildStorm universe over in the major DCU. While WildC.ATs was taken in ride to return in Batman: Urban Legends and Jon’s father is assembling a new version of the authority in Superman and the Authority, Gamorra’s inclusion here is much broader than either of those instances. While those are individual characters And teams being influenced by the existing DCU, this is the opposite, with the history of WildStorm informs the DCU.

Considering the history of Gamorra in both WildStorm and DC universes, it is clear that Jon Kent has made a powerful enemy. If Henry Bendix wasn’t … bad enough, this isolated nation experience in terrorism, genetics and cybernetics mean the obstacles it could throw to the new Supermans are totally unpredictable, as well as potentially deadly for the young hero.

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