Jonathan Van Ness, of Queer Eye, is the first non-female cover on Grace’s cover of the cosmopolitan UK since 1984

Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness has had a spectacular year in 2019, darling, and is finishing the year in a historic way. The author The Over The Top is the cover model of the January 2020 issue of Cosmopolitan UK. He is the first non-female soloist since Boy George in 1984.

Wearing a Christian Siriano dress in orange and pink tulle with striped socks and Nike Cortez sneakers, Van Ness has a big smile on her face and the title reads, “Yes. We did it. You are totally welcome. “

In the cover interview, the 35-year-old talks about everything from living with HIV to making soup with Taylor Swift. Van Ness appeared as HIV-positive last summer in his book Over The Top, and he says it’s just the beginning.

“I quickly realize that there is still so much misunderstanding and sensationalization of life with HIV. Stigma and difficulty with the treatment process are the cause. My job is just beginning, “Van Ness said.

Now that his career has exploded through Queer Eye and Gays of Thrones, Van Ness admits he has to say “no” to many things he wants to do. He explained that a few days before the interview, he was preparing soup with Swift and she had asked him to go to a Madonna concert with her. But he had to decline the offer because he had a flight at 5 in the morning for London the next morning to do the filming of Cosmo.

Van Ness says he hates saying “no” and gets FOMO. But even if it would have been an incredible experience, he must give priority to his personal care, because if he does not, his candle will go out.

In just 19 months, Van Ness went from a full-time barber and a small business owner to a Netflix star and a successful author. And to cope with the stress and pressure of his new life in the public eye, he says he goes to therapy, yoga, meditation, and smoking cannabis.

He told the magazine that if the United Kingdom legalized cannabis, the country would have enough taxes so that the National Health Service could pay not only for basic health care, but also for elective procedures.

“And with those politicians who lie about how much money the NHS would get if you left the EU, I bet if you had a great marijuana legalized, you’d have enough taxes for, like, a lipo or a nose paid by the state works or refills.I bet we could have dental care and eye care.This puts on a bus, “Van Ness said.


The January issue of Cosmopolitan UK will go on sale on December 5th.

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