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Jonnie Irwin Urges Fans Not to Worry About His Weight Loss Amid Cancer Battle

Jonnie Irwin, a 49-year-old former A Place in the Sun presenter, has taken to social media to update fans on his incurable cancer. He revealed he is “trying to starve a tumour” with a tailored diet and urged fans not to worry about his weight loss. He shared a picture of his dinner, which appeared to consist of just a single prawn skewer, and explained that he was not starving himself, but rather blocking the tumor’s feeding pathways with drugs and a tailored diet. Fans rushed to the post’s comments section to share their support and send the star their well-wishes.

Earlier this month, Jonnie revealed he had met with his mentor, Jane Mclelland, author of the book How to Starve Cancer. Jane’s book has been described as groundbreaking as she described her own remarkable journey with cancer and the medical discoveries she made along the way. Jonnie hoped to gain inspiration to remain positive despite his “hopeless” situation. Jane responded to his post and said it was lovely to meet him, and that she was there to help where she could and point him in the direction of others when she couldn’t. She also sent him lots of love and support, which Jonnie was very grateful for. In Jane’s book, Jonnie has found hope and inspiration and is determined to fight his cancer with a tailored diet, drugs, exercise, and key supplements.


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