Jordan 2022.. 27,000 people arrested for drug cases, mystery of 4 murders revealed

The security authorities in Jordan continue their war on drugs to protect their young people from this dangerous scourge ravaging societies, raiding drug dealers’ dens in all regions of Jordan.

The director of the anti-drug department, Colonel Hassan Al-Qudah, said that during the year 2022, the department dealt with 19,000 drug cases, in which 27,245 people were kidnapped, of which 9,591 accused of trafficking and promotion. of 327 single or automatic weapons and 87 vehicles for transporting drugs, which were seized.

Confidential treatment

Colonel Al-Qudah remarked in a statement that a copy of it reached that a total of 7,142 kilos of hashish, more than 69 million Captagon pills, 37 kilos of heroin, 156 kilos of marijuana and 56 kilos of crystal were seized before their arrival in neighboring countries.

Meanwhile, 945 people applied for drug addiction treatment at the Drug Administration-affiliated Addiction Treatment Center, where they completed drug treatment phases at the center in complete privacy and returned to their normal life, in concurrently with the implementation of 4,000 awareness activities during the year 2022.

4 Unknown Homicides Revealed

And the Director of the Criminal Investigation Department Colonel Bassem Al-Ajarmah said that during the year 2022, 4 previous and unknown murders were discovered which were under investigation, such as a crime occurred in 1996, a crime occurred in 2003, a crime in 2011, and another in 2013, emphasizing that no murder files are closed before the perpetrators are lodged with the appropriate courts.

On the other hand, the security report indicated that the 911 unified emergency telephone of the Operations and Control Directorate had received 65 million calls, resulting in 24 million reports, promptly paid and followed up by all formations of the Public Security Directorate, jointly with the reception of complaints telephone (114) dedicated to the deaf 150 One call resulted in 69 complaints, which were dealt with professionally by personnel trained in this service.

The Director of Civil Protection, Brigadier General Ing. Hatem Yaqoub, confirmed the provision of 450,000 ambulance services in all governorates of the Kingdom during the year 2022, as well as the control of 27,000 fires and the immediate response to 45,000 relief interventions by civil defense cadres.

19 thousand notices of environmental violations

Yacoub noted continued training and increased manpower readiness by implementing 32 simulated exercises and providing civil defense with ambulance, rescue and firefighting mechanisms, as well as team mechanisms dealing with hazardous materials through 144 modern mechanisms.

The director of the Royal Department of Environmental Protection and Tourism, Brigadier General Fakhri Al-Qatarneh, noted that 172 people who attempted to attack the forest riches were arrested during the year 2022 and 19,000 were issued notices of environmental violations to correct their situation in all governorates of the Kingdom.

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