Jordan..a committee to modernize the country’s political system

Today, Thursday, Jordan’s King Abdullah II. die Formation of a committee to modernize the country’s political system under the leadership of former Prime Minister Samir Rifai in Order given.

According to the royal court, this committee will have 92 members and will work on drafting two new bills for elections and political parties and constitutional amendments in in reference to die Examine both laws and parliamentary working mechanisms.

Recommendations are also made on the development of laws regulating local government, expanding the circle of participation in decision-making and creating a legal and political environment that die Guaranteed role of young people and women in public life.

A quantum leap in political life

King Abdullah II sent a letter to Al-Rifai, in to whom he entrusted the chairmanship of the royal committee, in to which he said: “We are determined to make a qualitative leap in political and parliamentary life that die desired goals and ambitions in die Future.”

Jordan..a committee to modernize the country’s political system

Former Jordanian Prime Minister Samir Rifai (Reuters)

He added that the aim of the committee is to create a legal framework that creates effective party life that die Can convince voters with his proposals to reach a parliament on the basis of blocks and programmatic currents and an advanced phase in the exercise of executive power.

Invitation to dialogue

On Tuesday, the King of Jordan emphasized that the success of his country lies in the fact that everyone at the dialogue table stands up for the interests of the country, regardless of the different trends.

During his meeting with politicians in the Husseiniya Palace, he also pointed out that die Doors are open to all proposals and different points of view in the reform process on the basis of mutual respect, openness and seriousness in the interests of the country.

He also stressed that it was die It was everyone’s duty to work to maintain Parliament’s confidence and reputation with the Jordanians.

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