Jordan .. “Discrimination” supports the decision of the State Security Court in the “sedition” case

The Jordanian Court of Cassation upheld the decision of the State Security Court against the defendants In case of “sedition”According to the Jordan news agency.

The Court of Cassation (the highest judicial body in Jordan) issued his decision in the appeal filed by the illustrious, namely the former head of the royal court, Basem Awadallah, and Sheriff Abdel Rahman bin Zaid in the case of destabilization of Jordan, which was known as the case of “sedition “.

Jordan .. “Discrimination” supports the decision of the State Security Court in the “sedition” case

Basem Awadallah is on his way in court – archive

Today, Thursday, the court decided to reject the discrimination and confirm the distinct decision issued by the State Security Court, which condemned the accused of inciting opposition to the political regime existing in the Kingdom with complicity and crime of carrying out acts that bring in threatens the safety and security of society, causing joint sedition and condemning the second defendant, Sharif Abdul Rahman. Hassan Zaid was charged with the crime of possession of a drug with intent to use, and a crime of drug use, and a sentence that places them in temporary work for a period of 15 years and the fees for each of them.

The Court of Cassation found that the fixed acts committed by Al-Muzayzin were material acts and tangible activities embodied in methods and means designed to encourage and motivate opposition to the political regime in Jordan.

Sharif Hassan bin Zaid in I arrive in court - archive

Sharif Hassan bin Zaid in I arrive in court – archive

It also involved actions they would put in threaten the safety and protection of the community, they would cause conflicts within the community, disturb yours pace and they would terrorize the citizens by creating a state of chaos, division and division among their ranks and damaging the cohesion and unity of the Jordanian community. family in its various sects and categories.

In its judgment, the Court concluded that the judgment given by the State Security Court and upheld by it was based on established facts and extracted from evidence presented by the prosecution. in compliance with standards.

Jordanian State Security Court sentenced Bassem Awadallah and Sharif Hassan bin Zaid to 15 years after convicting them in sedition case on charges of destabilizing society in Jordan, while Sharif Hassan bin Zaid was sentenced to one year in prison and a fine of 1,000 dinars for drug use.

The Jordanian State Security Court stated that the criminalization elements in the “sedition case” were complete and verified.

The defense in the “sedition case” in Jordan appealed to the Court of Cassation after convicting the accused, noting that the text of the sentence in the “sedition case” indicated that it was discriminatory.

After the verdict was pronounced, the defendant’s lawyer, Basem Awadallah, said: “We will appeal the verdict before the Court of Cassation.”

The Jordanian State Security Court said the defendants in the sedition case had an amicable relationship and had anti-state and anti-king views. He added that the first accused, Bassem Awadallah, had incited against the king and that the accused (Bassem Awadallah and Sharif Hassan bin Zaid) tried to implement their anti-state ideas by causing chaos and inciting against the king.

The president of the court added, in a live broadcast: accusing the case of “sedition” took advantage of the economic, social and political conditions experienced by the Kingdom and the surrounding region to cause chaos in the country.

The head of the court explained: “The two accused have reached the convergence of their wishes in an organized criminal project with unified objectives aimed at translating in reality their ideas of counter and incitement, causing division within Jordanian society and spreading incitement to hatred of the regime. “

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