Jordan extended die Curfew … and die Closing until May 15th

The Minister of State for Media Affairs and the Official Spokesman for the Jordanian Government, Eng. Sakher Dudin, announced today, Sunday, die Extension of working hours for die Night lock and die extensive curfew on Friday as well die Preservation of the closed sectors until May 15th next year.

In addition, the Jordanian government spokesman said that the country had reached alarming proportions due to the spread of the corona epidemic.

He pointed out that in the current week measures with mitigating and stimulating effects for die Economy to be announced.

Jordan has a record number of injuries and deaths from Covid-19 disease.

Jordan recorded a greater number of infections and deaths from the coronavirus after it, compared to most of its neighbors in in the last two months due to the rapid spread of the corona virus strain, which for the first time in months in Britain was discovered had significantly increased success in controlling the virus outbreak.

The government said 3,334 were injured in crisis-ridden hospitals as some isolation wards are full, in particular in the capital and the surrounding governorates, in who live over 60 percent of the kingdom’s estimated 10 million people.

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