Jordan: Life has returned to normal in Aqaba

Jordanian Prime Minister Bishr Al-Khasawneh said on Tuesday that life has returned to normal in Aqaba’s ports, less than 24 hours after a gas leak disaster occurred. in one of its ports, which killed 13 people and injured about 260 others.

Al-Khasawneh told reporters during the port inspection, which he witnessed the release of toxic chlorine gas: “Life has returned to normal since yesterday and, in reserve, a precautionary cordon was struck around the site at a distance of 5 kilometers and navigation was restricted until air safety was ascertained and there were no traces of gas that threatened citizens “.

He added that navigation has resumed in full, as well as port handling, with the exception of the site that witnessed the gas leak. in what is currently undergoing the necessary cleaning and control operations, underlining that at the moment there are no risks due to the concentrations of the leaked gas.

He said the general situation in the Aqaba port indicates it is under full control.

And the official spokesperson for the Jordanian government, Faisal Shboul, said in precedence in statements to the press: “There was a new death at seven in the morning for a person of foreign nationality”.

Previous data had reported the deaths of 12 people, 8 of whom were Jordanians and another 4 of other nationalities.

Al-Shboul said there are two seriously injured, noting there are moderate injuries, all stable, and he expected more injuries would be discharged from hospitals later today.

He added that the number of injuries currently in hospitals is 130, noting that the gas leak incident resulted in the injury of about 260 other people.