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Jordan One officer was killed and 3 wounded in a confrontation on the Syrian border


On Sunday, Jordanian forces announced the killing of an officer on the country’s northern border. An army official source revealed that one officer was killed and 3 others were injured in a clash with smugglers on the border with Syria.

He also added that a group of smugglers opened fire on border guards, noting that the response was reciprocated and rules of engagement were applied, which prompted the smugglers to flee into the depths of Syria.

In addition, he explained that after inspecting the area, large quantities of drugs were seized and transferred to the competent authorities, according to reports from the Jordanian news agency (Petra).

open borders

Interestingly, Jordan had decided to reopen the border with Syria (Jaber Border Center), starting September 29, 2021, to the movement of goods and travelers.

The Jordanian-Syrian border is witnessing continued smuggling operations: last May the army foiled a plan to smuggle weapons and drugs by infiltrating 11 people from Syrian territory into Jordanian territory, an attempt considered the largest for months.

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