Jordan .. Prince Hamzah signs a letter, in which he confirms his loyalty to King Abdullah

Today, Monday, Prince Hamzah signed a letter, in which he confirmed his loyalty to Jordan’s King Abdullah II.

Prince Hamzah wrote in the message: “We all stand behind the king when it comes to protecting Jordan and its national interests.”

And he stressed die Need that “Jordan’s interests stay above all else” adding, “I will in remain of the era of fathers and grandfathers. “

Prince Hamzah continued: “Given the developments over the past two days, I am lying down in die Hands of His Majesty the King. “

He reiterated his commitment to die Constitution of the Kingdom of Jordan, adding, “We all stand behind the King to achieve the best for the Jordanian people.”

On Monday before, the Jordanian royal court had announced the mandate of Prince Hassan bin Talal, the uncle of King Abdullah II, to deal with the question of Prince Hamzah.

The royal court added that Prince Al-Hassan had contacted Prince Hamzah as he expressed his commitment to die Convergence of the Hashemite family and the path that King Abdullah II entrusted to Prince Al-Hassan.

The Jordanian government announced yesterday that King Abdullah II had decided to deal with Prince Hamzah as part of the family.

The Jordanian government said in a statement during a press conference by Ayman Safadi, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, on Sunday that die Security services pursued activities for Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein and others in their homeland. He added that the circle in was arrested near Prince Hamzah and “we are trying to deal with Prince Hamzah within the framework of the Hashemite family,” as he put it, stressing that “die Security operation is entirely Jordanian “and that it is No truth about die Jordanian military leaders participated in the operation.

Safadi said: “Yesterday, before the security process, we monitored movements from Prince Hamzah’s close circle … and die Security services requested that die Those involved are referred to the State Security Court “, indicating that die Authorities die have fully controlled suspicious movements. He said that 14 to 16 people were arrested in addition to Basem Awadallah and Sharif Hassan bin Zaid.

He added that die Interests between those die Wanted to damage Jordan’s role and those who die personal ambitions had converged, and indicated that die The king’s instructions were to deal with Prince Hamzah as part of the Hashemite family.

He revealed that Prince Hamzah had contacted community officials to encourage them to engage in security-threatening activities, indicating that Prince Hamzah had been treated within the Hashemite family to urge him to abandon these activities, and stressed that Prince Hamzah had been treated within the Hashemite family tried, die Escalate the situation through video messages.

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