Jordan registered 3 infections with the Indian tribe for people die have not traveled

Jordanian Health Minister Firas Al-Hawari gave in a statement to the Kingdom’s state television announced that Jordan had monitored three cases of infection with the Indian tribe from Coronavirus For people die have not traveled abroad.

Al-Hawari said on Saturday: “Two cases have been made in Amman and one in Zarqa registered for people die have not traveled. This confirms that mutated cases do not necessarily originate from abroad, but because of the specific reproduction. “”

It is noteworthy that Jordan recorded 704 cases of infection and 35 deaths on Saturday, according to the Ministry of Health die The country’s total has increased to 712,077 injuries and 8,871 deaths since the pandemic broke out.

Minor mutations noted

It is noteworthy that he was an official of a committee of scientific advisors formed by the Indian government in Statements to Reuters on Saturday said the committee did die Authorities over die Detection of minor mutations in informed of some samples of the corona virus, die “The immune system might avoid” answer “and require further study.

The counselors added that they are working to identify these mutations and there is currently no reason to believe that they are spreading or posing a major risk.

Scientists are also investigating the reason for die currently high number of infections in India and whether they are behind it A mutated strain It is called (B.1.617) and was first observed in the country.

In addition, the advisory panel discovered other mutations in the coronavirus and believes that close tracking is needed.

“We see mutations in some samples, die Can avoid immune responses, “said the witness Jamil, chairman of the committee and a well-known Indian virologist. He did not mention whether these mutations in of Indian descent or another occurred. He added, “If you don’t grow these viruses and test them in the lab, you can’t be sure. At this point there is no reason to believe they could spread or be dangerous, but we explicitly mentioned them with that we can remember them. “

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