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Jordan: The Alarming 6X Increase in Cybercrime Cases

The Cybercrime Unit of the Jordanian Public Security Directorate continues its specialized investigative and technical efforts, aiming to address cybercrime, which has increased six-fold since 2015 in Jordan.

And the unit announced in a statement, a copy of which reached Al Arabiya.netthat the widespread use of technology, digital solutions, smartphone applications and the expansion of the use of sites of social networking, in addition to educating citizens about their rights and ability to sue, has increased crime rates recorded at the unit and encouraged victims of this type of crime to file legal reports.

Significant increase in cybercrime

During the statement, which included statistics of the top electronic crimes recorded at the unit in 2022, he explained that cybercrime cases have increased over the past seven years approximately 6 times, from (2305) cases in 2015 to ( 16027) cases in 2022.

The Cybercrime Unit has indicated that it is continuing its educational and educational campaigns about cybercrime and its dangers in light of the widespread use of social networking, which facilitated the occurrence of a number of problems affecting the pace social issues, such as child abuse cases, which amounted to approximately (133) cases, and issues relating to the transmission of hate speech and incitement to conflict, which amounted to approximately (113) cases, including cases in which it was announced that the perpetrators of those inciting conflict in society had been arrested.

New criminal methods

The Directorate pointed out the emergence of modern criminal methods that have been addressed, such as digital witchcraft methods, sexual exploitation through communication sites, theft of electronic wallets and others, pointing to the increase in cases of electronic fraud, which has reached in the the year 2022 (2118) cases, and in parallel the telematic extortion methods increased, amounting to (1285) cases, while the cases of defamation, slander and contempt amounted to (3769) and the cases of threats to (3466) via Internet, while cases of penetration total (2115) cases.

The Anti-Cybercrime Unit confirms it will not hesitate to negotiate in optimally and necessary all e-crime cases that reach it through technical tracing, including cross-border cases such as e-fraud or account theft, within Interpol and through the Arab and International Police Department, to determine the identity of the criminals and turn to different countries to take legal action against them.

The Cybercrime Unit has called on citizens who use the sites of social network to treat these sites with caution and not to abuse them during use, not to compile or submit personal information to unreliable pages and not to deal with fake links that are sent to them for the purpose of hacking and stealing their personal accounts.

The unit also emphasizes the need to monitor children when they use smartphones or computer and not to leave them vulnerable to abuse or bullying through communication sites or applications or electronic games that may pose psychological and mental dangers, as well as allowing users of some games to communicate through them.

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