Jordan: The defense agreement with Washington contains no prejudice to its sovereignty

Ayman Safadi, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs, said that the defense agreement signed between Jordan and the United States of America does not affect the dignity and sovereignty of Jordan in any way.

Safadi announced during today’s parliamentary session on Sunday that the agreement does not authorize the United States to conduct hostilities on Jordanian soil and the military agreement between Jordan and America has been in place for years.

Some representatives of the Jordanian parliament expressed their opposition to the agreement, as representative Saleh al-Armouti said in response to the clarification given by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs Ayman Safadi that the minister did not appear to have read the defense agreement between Jordan and the United States signed by America.

Al-Armouti pointed out that the government that passed the agreement must resign and the House of Representatives must assume its constitutional role before this agreement.

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