Jordan: Transfer of Awadallah and Sharif Hassan to die State security

After the case of the so-called “incitement” two months ago in Jordan had caused widespread controversy die Public Prosecutor’s Office of the State Security Court ruled against die Defendants Ibrahim Youssef Awadallah and Sharif “Rahman Hassan” Zaid Hussein Al Hashem.

The decision was overturned and on this Wednesday die Prosecutor of the State Security Court forwarded to die to meet legal requirements, such as die official Petra news agency announced.

Security targeting

The merits of the case goes back to April 3, 2021, when the chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Jordanian Army, Major General Yousef Ahmed Al-Hunaiti, die Awadallah and others announced the arrest of Sharif Hassan bin Zaid and the former head of the royal court, Bassem Ibrahim., For security reasons.

Although he denied die Prince Hamzah arrested, but said he had been asked to stop movements and activities, die on die Jordanian security and stability as part of a joint comprehensive investigation aimed at by security services could arrest Sharif Hassan, Awadallah and others.

Jordan: Transfer of Awadallah and Sharif Hassan to die State security

In the name of Awad Allah

Ongoing investigations

He also said at the time that die Investigations will continue and their results will be disclosed with full transparency and clarity. He stressed that all measures die within the framework of the law and after intensive investigations were made, this required, he stressed that no one is above the law and die Jordan’s security and stability ahead of any consideration.

According to the instructions of the Jordanian King Abdullah II. 16 of the people arrested in these events were previously released within the legal framework, as the state security court prosecutor, military judge Brigadier Hazem Al-Majali, announced.

He also made it clear at the time that Awad Allah and Hassan bin Zaid were not due to their different roles and differences, the facts ascribed to them and the degree of incitement that was different from the other defendants in involved in the release process of the prisoners die were released.

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