Jordan: We support all Saudi measures to protect its security and interests

Today, Tuesday, the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced its support for all measures taken by Saudi Arabia to protect its security, stability and interests.

The official spokesperson for the ministry, Ambassador Sinan Al-Majali, said: “The ministry is following with interest the reactions to the OPEC + decision to reduce oil production and the interactions that the decision has produced”, Jordan reported. News agency (Petra).

He also clarified that this is a technical issue relating to the stability of the oil markets and its needs, the regulation of the supply and demand process and the protection of the interests of producers and consumers, and must be addressed for technical reasons and in its economic context, far from political tensions that do not serve common goals and interests.

Majali stressed the need to address this problem through a direct and balanced dialogue between the Kingdom and the United States of America, and in the spirit of partnership that unites the two countries, and in a way that reflects the importance of this partnership in efforts to establish security and stability in the region and abroad, the centrality of the leading role of Saudi Arabia in it and the importance of the role of the United States of America.

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decision to stabilize the market

Interestingly, Saudi Arabia has rejected criticism of OPEC + ‘s decision to cut oil production by two million barrels a day, starting in November.

A statement from the foreign ministry stated, in previously, that the move relies solely on the alliance’s primary goal, which is market stability and avoidance of volatility.

The Kingdom expressed its total rejection of the claims that spoke of its prejudices in international conflicts. The Saudi Foreign Ministry said: “The Kingdom refuses to take in consider OPEC + decision based on political motives against America “.

At the end of the meeting on Wednesday 5 October 2022, OPEC + members announced a production cut of two million barrels per day in November, according to the group’s statement, and the extension of the “declaration of cooperation” until end of 2023, provided that ministerial meetings are held every 6 months.

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