Jordanian Army: Dangerous Iranian organizations target our national security

After thwarting an attempt to smuggle a large quantity of drugs from entering the country, the director of the media Jordanian military, Colonel Mustafa Al-Hiyari, confirmed on Monday that dangerous Iranian organizations are targeting the country’s national security, noting that the military is currently facing a “war on drugs” on the kingdom’s northeastern borders. Hashemite Jordan.

He added, in statements to the “Kingdom of Jordan” channel, “In the last years 2020-2022-2022 we have a sharp increase in the number of infiltration operations and attempts and mainly drug smuggling”.

Al-Hiyari also said that “smuggling is systematic, led by organized organizations supported by outside parties”, noting that the void left by Russia in southern Syria is being filled by Iran through its militias.

He continued: “These groups sometimes receive support from undisciplined groups from Syrian border guards and other groups, and therefore are systematic operations.”

4 drug traffickers killed

Interestingly, the Jordanian armed forces announced on Sunday the killing of 4 drug traffickers and the wounding of some of them, after thwarting an attempt to smuggle a large quantity of drugs from the Syrian side.

The army revealed that it had found 637,000 Captagon pills, 181 hashish tablets, 39,600 Tramadol pills and a Kalashnikov weapon after intensifying search and search operations, noting that the seizures were transferred to the relevant authorities.

iron fist

The army has confirmed that it will strike with an iron hand, with all force and firmness, with any attempted infiltration or smuggling, to protect borders and prevent tampering with Jordanian national security.

It is noteworthy that the Jordanian forces, from the beginning of quest’year, they thwarted many infiltrating and smuggling operations in all its forms, and in recent years have contributed to limiting the entry of drugs and prohibited substances in Jordan, especially after drug trade and smuggling, was active in Syrian territory during the war.

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