Jordanian army: one person was killed while trying to cross the border from Syria

An official military source from the Jordanian army revealed that the security services thwarted an attempt by a group of people to illegally cross the border into Syria at dawn today, Monday.

The source explained that the rules of engagement were applied, which led to the killing of one of the members of the group and the flight of the others, pointing out that the group that attempted to cross the border is linked to the group that carried out the yesterday’s operation, which resulted in the killing of Captain Muhammad Yassin Musa al-Khudayrat.

He also stressed that the Jordanian army is strongly and firmly engaged against any attempted infiltration or smuggling to protect the borders.

And Jordanian forces yesterday announced the killing of an officer on the northern border of the country, and the wounding of 3 others, in a clash with smugglers on the border with Syria.

He further explained that after inspecting thearea, large quantities of drugs were seized and transferred to the competent authorities, according to reports from the Jordan News Agency (Petra).

Jordanian concern

Jordanian officials have expressed growing concern over the escalation of drug smuggling attempts from Syria over the past year, including large quantities found hidden in Syrian trucks crossing its main border crossing into the Gulf region, according to “Reuters”.

Last year, the Jordanian military announced it had shot down a drone carrying a large amount of drugs across the border.

Arms and drug trafficking

Additionally, Jordanian officials said Lebanese “Hezbollah” and armed factions with influence in southern Syria are behind the smuggling of one of the most famous banned drugs, the stimulant known as Captagon.

Interestingly, Jordan had decided to reopen the border with Syria (Jaber Border Center), starting September 29, 2021, to the movement of goods and travelers.

The Jordanian-Syrian border is witnessing continued smuggling operations: last May the army foiled a plan to smuggle weapons and drugs by infiltrating 11 people from Syrian territory into Jordanian territory, an attempt considered the largest for months.

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