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Jordanian doctor develops a device to solve the problems of diagnosing mental disorders in children

Noureddin Al-Diri, a Jordanian runner-up in the Stars of Science competition, won the Nas Online program after developing a device to help diagnose children’s mental disorders.

Dr. Noor El-Din Al-Diri, specialist in child mental disorders, spoke about the device he developed, which is an intelligent system for diagnosing mental retardation in children from the age of 4 months, adding that this device helps to differentiate between autism and mental retardation, that exist from a very early age. It also helps to make the proportion of medical intervention more successful.

Al-Dairi added that the idea for developing the device came about during the Covid-19 pandemic, as he spoke with doctors from universities like Harvard and McGill. Stars of Science Program.

Regarding the Stars of Science program, Al-Dairi continued that about 2,000 participants applied and 7 were selected to participate in the program as Al-Diri was among them to present inventions of interest to artificial intelligence and children.

Regarding his choice of the children’s category as a medical specialty and the development of a device that helps diagnose them, Al-Diri said: “I faced similar problems when I was in school. They wanted to put me in the category with learning difficulties.” due to problems and lack of interest in learning, but some teachers chose to make a correct diagnosis of the situation, As a result of the correct diagnosis, I advanced 3 grades from where I was, which affected my personal life and made me finish high school and start studying at the university at the age of 15. My passion was to do something in the future on this topic that would affect me personally.”

Source: RT


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