Jordanian football “inflames” and Al-Wehdat “retires” … Prince Ali “tries” and all “business” is threatened

London – Al-Quds Al-Arabi: Sheikh Hani Al-Hadid is one of the most prominent sheikhs in the community of the Jordanian capital, Amman, and is an expert in reconciliation and social stability. And Sheikh Al-Hadid was not known for his enthusiasm for football, but the controversy and discussions the country is witnessing have reached unprecedented levels recently, pushing this national clan symbol to a phrase that sums up the scene. . On his communication page, Sheikh Al-Hadid said in short: “Oh Haif … Qatar is hosting the World Cup and Jordan is reeling with a match.” Sheikh Al-Hadid did not invent this saying, the facts support it because the ancient Al-Jazira Club in Jordanian history has issued a statement expressing its dissatisfaction with what is happening in sporting arena, denying rumors about the scenario of his retirement from championship professionalism, while the Ramtha Sports Club in the north of the Kingdom announced an emergency meeting for his management after Wednesday night prayers to follow up on signs of concern for the season sport and the march of tournaments. Before that, and in the meantime, Jordanian football sponsor Prince Ali bin Al Hussein was forced to get busy and contact the management of the Al-Wehdat Club, asking for calm and hoping that the club revoked his decision to retire from the professional league, which inflamed hundreds of thousands of fans. Jordan’s political, popular and sporting reality has once again plunged at a strange speed into the controversy over the dualism of Al-Faisali and Al-Wehdat. The team of the club by Al-Wehdat shocked everyone after announcing the call of the emir to send an official letter to the Football Association announcing the retirement from the professional league, which means that the mediation of the emir did not dissuade the club public from his decision. The Al-Wehdat Club had decided to withdraw for a reason, namely the insistence of the competent federation to hold a match scheduled the day after tomorrow, Friday, in the team competition of the club Al-Faisaly in the only stadium in northern Jordan, which is Al-Hassan Sports City Stadium. Al-Faisaly did not oppose the decision because it suited him to the specifics of the audience, but Al-Wehdat strongly and firmly opposed because he wanted the match at the Al-Qweismeh stadium, east of the capital, which bears the name of King Abdullah, a stadium surrounded by a dense population that favors Al-Wehdat fans. Ma’an Football Club has also expressed concern about the withdrawal of Al-Wehdat’s team, which, if completed, would mean causing tremendous and unprecedented financial and sporting damage to the whole idea of ​​Jordanian football. in particularly to the national team, which in turn is preparing for the West Asian football qualifiers. The controversy of Al-Wehdat and Al-Faisaly in Jordan does not stop and does not stop at any border. And it is likely that the security system, according to the federation’s official statement, advised changing the stadium to avoid further riots in the stadiums or the build-up of hate exchange frustrations and stimulating disorderly encouragement. The tension between the supporters of the two teams representing the two poles of Jordanian football has reached an unprecedented space for half a century, and the expressions at the root of the crisis are negative on national unity, and the decision of the units to withdraw from the general il league practically puts an end to most of the work of the Football Association and the sports industry. Indeed, the deal is between them and puts a lot of pressure even on the tense nerves of the state, in a game full of dangers, which the Jordanian road is now observing with great concern.