Jordanian General Security killed two officers and a soldier during a raid by Brigadier General Dalabeh’s assassins

Jordanian General Security confirmed that 3 of its members were killed and 5 others were injured during a raid on the suspect in the killing of the deputy police chief of Ma’an. Brigadier General Abd al-Razzaq al-Dalabeh, killed early Friday by unknown gunmen as he tried to open roads that had been closed by protesters, due to strikes in the southern governorate. According to General Security, Captain Ghaith Qasim Al-Rahahleh, Second Lieutenant Moataz Musa Al-Najada and Corporal Ibrahim Atef Al-Shaqarin were killed by treacherous bullets. In the statement, the Public Security confirmed that a special security force carried out a raid on a terrorist cell in the Husseiniya area of ​​Ma’an Governorate, 300 km south of the capital, after investigations conducted by the investigative team assigned to the martyrdom of Brigadier General Al-Dalabeh led to limiting suspicion to a group of brothers who carried expiatory thought. He added: The special security force surrounded the place in where the suspects were located, as one of them, soon after the raid began, fired heavy bullets from an automatic weapon against the force, and the rules of engagement were applied with him, which resulted in the death of 3 officers and force members, wounding 5 others, and the death of the terrorist shooter. . The Directorate confirmed that the break-in led to the arrest of 9 other people suspected of involvement in the case, including 4 brothers of the assassinated terrorist who shot against the force and three other children of one of them, along with two other people who accompanied They were seized with a group of automatic firearms and a large amount of ammunition. The investigation into the case of the killing of Brigadier General Al Dalabeh has confirmed, through information and prove gathered at the crime scene, that suspicion was limited to that group, most of whose members are of Takfiri extremist ideology.