Jordanian official source: Bassem Awadallah, arrested and has not left the country

A Jordanian official source confirmed that the defendant Bassem Awadallah is still being held in connection with the investigation and that according to the Jordan News Agency (Petra) it is not true which is in spread on social media about his departure from the country.

And announced last Saturday die Jordanian army for security reasons die Arrest of prominent figures, including the former head of the royal court, Awad Allah.

Awadallah is a well-known political economist in Jordan. He held many positions including, in 2006, Director of the King’s Office, Minister of Planning and Secretary of the Treasury. He also worked as Director of the Commercial Department at the Royal Court and then became Director of the Royal Court in Jordan in 2007, but he was soon forced to resign under pressure from criticism. Unparalleled Conservatives, die accused him of pursuing pro-Western reform programs, die Ignore tribal sensitivities.

And he had in made a prominent media appearance in recent years when he had a dialogue session at an investment forum in Saudi Arabia moderated.

Awadallah was born in 1964 in Jerusalem born and possessed die Jordanian citizenship. He is unmarried.

He received his Masters and PhD degrees from the London School in 1985 of Economics and Political Science at the University of London and a bachelor’s degree in 1984 in international relations and international economics from Georgetown University in the United States of America.

From 1986 to 1991 he worked in investment banking in Worked in the UK and then returned to Jordan.

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