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Jordan’s Governorates in the Grip of Atmospheric Instability: Heavy Rains and Hailstorms Destroy Vehicles and Claim a Life

The State of Atmospheric Instability in Jordan

The state of atmospheric instability in the governorates of Jordan has caused heavy rains and large hailstorms, which have led to the destruction of hundreds of vehicles, as well as the death of one person overwhelmed by the torrent. alerts following the prevailing weather conditions, in the light of the persistence of the situation of atmospheric instability, which may be permeated by rain and dusty winds, in different parts of the Kingdom, in particularly in the southern and southeastern regions.

Rescue Operations in Aqaba Governorate

Yesterday, rescue cadres from the Aqaba Civil Defense and Police dealt with a report that a vehicle carrying two people had drifted after being hit by torrential rains in the Al-Shamiya region of Aqaba Governorate, according to a spokesman for the media for the Directorate of Public Security, Colonel Amer Al-Sartawi, he told Al-Arabiya.net.

And Colonel Al-Sartawi said that civil defense teams and the Aqaba police responded to the incident and worked to save one person, while continuing to search for the other person throughout the night, as part of a wide sweep of the torrential stream. until he was found dead at dawn today, Monday.

Warnings from the Directorate of Public Safety

The Directorate of Public Safety has renewed its warnings not to approach the watercourses of streams and valleys and not to cut them, both on foot and with vehicles. Abu Nseir and Shafa Badran, north of the capital Amman, witnessed heavy rains of large hailstones, which sent in shatter the windows of hundreds of vehicles, as well as damage the external structure”in iron” of auto. In addition, a large number of solar panels placed on the roofs of buildings have been destroyed by large hailstones, with no significant injuries reported so far.

The Directorate of Public Security has called for prudence against the possibility of torrents forming, especially in the south and east of the Kingdom, emphasizing the need to move away from the sides of the valleys and from the places where torrents form, and not to risk blocking the road, both on foot and by car, in case of high water.


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