Jordan’s parliament separates Ajarmeh … calm after riots in Naour

After violent clashes between supporters of MP Osama Al-Ajarmeh, whose parliament decided on Sunday to approve a parliamentary memorandum on his dismissal, and the security forces calm returned in die Area of ​​Naour west of the capital Amman.

The Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent reported that in have rested after the above area die Security forces surrounded a square where Al Ajarma supporters were posted after armed clashes broke out between the two parties.

He also stated that from unrest areas in Naour heard heavy shots and added that security reinforcements were being sent to Umm Al-Basateen.

In addition, video clips showed from the crime scene die Gathering of hundreds of Al Ajarma supporters and the sound of bullets.

“We will arrest those die attend the meeting. “

In return, announced die Jordanian General Security launched a massive security mission in the Naour Brigade to prevent any violation of the law and stressed that they would arrest anyone who tries to reach the location of the demonstrations.

Our correspondent later reported that in the area was quiet and the security alarm in Expectation of possible uprisings will continue.

Illegal gatherings

The Council of Ministers has in its meeting today confirmed that die Recent gatherings break the law and die Affect the security of citizens and civil peace.

He also stressed that die government die I will not allow the continuation of such gatherings and illegal rallies and all associated behavior of aggravation and incitement and will deal with them resolutely.

Jordan’s parliament separates Ajarmeh … calm after riots in Naour

Jordanian Parliament

Yesterday, Saturday, a group of supporters broke from Al-Ajarmah in riots in the Naour area west of the Jordanian capital Amman, set fire to vehicles and fire in die Air, injuring four public safety people.

Fired on the other side die Gendarmerie forces put tear gas on die Group off to die prevent illegal gathering.

Abuse and Suspension of Membership

It is noteworthy that the Ajarmeh case began last month when the Jordanian Parliament voted to freeze its membership for a year because of its insult to the Council, its reputation, reputation, its members and the internal system of Parliament.

The Council decision of that time also provided that he die Revoked his participation in council work and his assignments canceled during the embargo.

Due to a power outage three days earlier in In several of the country’s governorates, a verbal argument broke out on May 24 between Al-Ajarma and the President of Parliament, Abdel Moneim Al-Awdat.

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