Jordin Sparks defends her husband, Dana Isaiah Thomas, against the public outrage that caused this photo to be displayed with another woman

Jordin Sparks’ husband, Dana Isaiah Thomas, was the subject of a violent reaction, as the wife of the Grammy-nominated singer shared a photo on Instagram recently.

The photo was very controversial for the many followers of Sparks because it shows Thomas posing happily with another woman.

In the snapshot, Thomas smiles broadly at the camera and the blond woman, who seems to be a close friend, hugs him.

The duo has fun and we can see in the background that he is at the restaurant.

Fans found the description of the message even more confusing, as the 27-year-old model captioned it with the claim that few people could get him out of the house late in the evening, make him smile or make him smile. discuss the high school. He finished the legend with “Shoutout to a real one.”

As a result, the publication sparked heated debate and people soon wondered whether Thomas’s behavior was appropriate or not, since he was married and a father.

Many fans even began to speculate that Thomas might be cheating on his wife with the woman in the photo, who turned out to be a high school friend.

One person said, “Like that, if you’re a man and she’s good with your wife, she’s hanging with her best friend after 10:30 pm without her wedding ring … I’m really something.

Another social media user had this reaction: “Your wife should leave you as soon as possible! Disrespectful.”

The many comments regarding Thomas as a cheater eventually led Sparks to step in and defend his partner.

The singer of “Tattoo” shared her point of view via a message saying that people were not objects to own and that friends were very important.

Sparks responded by saying: ???? Here is a message: if your important partner cuts you off, you are really good, stand up, have been there forever, whether you are friends, man or woman … GET OUT. (Do not talk about toxic / enemy friends, it’s a problem to solve.) It’s controlling / toxic, and people are NOT objects you own. Again, people are not objects that you own. Friends are very important to your well-being, especially those who knew you before some significant life changes. It’s clean. I hope you find everyone who treats you like my husband and his friends. They are really the best. May the odds always be in your favor. ♥ ️ “


Sparks’ message was not enough to stop the story.

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