Jordyn Woods is proud to be able to give his brother a car – see photo

Jordyn Woods shared a photo of herself and her brother, and the young actress tells fans that she is proud to have been able to give her such an incredible gift: a car! Check out his post below:

“I never thought I could do this for someone else. God worked through me and all those long, sleepless nights come at a cost. I know my father is no longer physically here with us, but I know he is looking at us with pride. I miss you dad! Merry Christmas ♥ ️???????? I hope you all have a blessed day today, “said Jordyn in caption.

Tamar Braxton is there for this gesture and she made sure to congratulate Jordyn in the comments.

Fans are also very proud of Jordyn and they made sure to tell him in the comments.

Someone else said, “So so so amazing, proud of you Jordyn!” And a disciple exclaimed, “Wow Jordyn Congrats likes this. 2019 was your year. “

A fan posted this: “Such a beautiful girl inside than outside! Merry Christmas ???????? “and someone else said,” No one can stop what God has in store for you! What a blessing !! ???????????????? »

One subscriber said, “The hard work is paying off. Excellent work, young woman! “

One fan told Jordyn, “You deserve a humble person. Kardashians dimmed your brilliance…. much better than the aspiring materialists Beyoncé. The whole is a false personality to the hair… ???? Respect a real 1. ”

Someone else said, “I absolutely love you and how you above all raised yourself!” Keep focusing on yourself, your family and the people who love you! “


Not too long ago, a happy Jordyn shared a clip in which she really steals, and she tells fans about it, and that’s exactly how she will enter in 2020.

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