Jordyn Woods presents the best horror and thriller movie of 2019 at the NFTA Award Show, then raises himself to Roscoe’s blouse – See The Pics

Jordyn Woods was invited to an important event. She has presented the best horror film and thriller of 2019 at the NFTA Awards Show.

After the event, she rushed to the Roscoe Chicken and Waffles site and took some pictures in front of Nipsey Hussle’s mural.

“I just finished presenting the best horror and thriller film of 2019 at the NFTA Award presentation, and I found myself in my dress. The quantity of f * cks given = ZERO. #angelsallaroundme This year was really crazy. I can not believe all the events that took place. Daily reminder: Tomorrow is not promised. Tell people you love them today “#Landandraised”, Jordyn subtitled his post.

Someone said, “It’s over, years! Jordyn won “and another follower wrote:” Oh my God! And you look like Jodie!

One speaker said, “You are more than beautiful. I pray that you will walk resolutely in your truth and your purpose. May the Lord continue to command and guide your steps, Jordyn. ???????? ‘

Jordyn had the busiest year and she was very successful.

She has released her own line of fitness products, she has had various collaborations for hair and eyelashes, and she has also been featured in a film where she had her first major role.

She has also created her own YouTube channel, where she publishes all kinds of exciting videos.

Recently it was reported that Jordyn had made her fans happy when she revealed on her social media account that she had a new video on YouTube.


It’s a video with her sister and her mom, and Jordyn wants to know who knows her better.

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