Jordyn Woods Shows Fans How She Moves Forward In 2020 – Hate People Blame Her For “House Destroyed Under Her Belt”

Jordyn Woods shared a clip in which she really flies and she tells it to the fans, and that’s exactly how she will enter in 2020. Watch the video below and see Jordyn gorgeous in yellow latex.

“Entering 2020 likeeeee … does anyone else feel really good about this coming decade?” Jordyn captioned his post.

Someone said, “This coming year is going to be great, this next decade is going to be FAULTY.”

Another subscriber posted this: “I’m almost 100,000 streams, in the past 2 years and I’ve finished my probation, my own city hasn’t killed me, and I haven’t overdosed yet , so yes, this decade has been pretty great. “

One fan joked and said, “Go into my dad’s funeral knowing that the whole legacy comes directly to me.”

Another follower said, “????yasssss Boo! Jordyn, your energy is EVERYTHING! You are a beautiful woman and I admire you. Happy Holidays.’

A hater smacked Jordyn and said: “Oh yes, entering 2020 with a destroyed house already under your belt, what a great success. #What goes around comes around.’

The other day, it was revealed that Erica Mena had shared footage of the much anticipated BET shoot called Sacrifice. Jordyn is also starring in this film, and she plays her first lead role in it.


She shared videos of the creation of her character, Isis, and also published a scene from the film. Fans were delighted and congratulated Jordyn in the comments.

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