Jordyn Woods surprises fans with a new video on YouTube: “Vs Mom Sister ‘- Watch Here

Jordyn Woods made her fans happy when she revealed on her social account that she had a new video on YouTube. It’s a video with her sister and her mom, and Jordyn wants to know who knows her better.

“NEW VIDEO ALERT! This video was so much fun to do! MOM VS SIS, who knows me better? ???? Head to my YouTube channel to see who wins the competition???????? Who do you think was the winner? (Link in bio), Jordyn subtitled his article on IG.

Someone mentioned Jordy’s sister, Jodie, and said, “When this girl gets your age, people will not be able to distinguish you anymore.”

Another respondent said, “Of course, your sister, we tend to say more to our brothers and sisters than to our parents. ???? But as a mother, we know our children even when they think we do not know it.

Someone posted: “Amazing, your mother looks like she could be your older sister!” And another follower said, “My money is on Jodie, most of the time the sisters are better friends and know everything. ‘

Watch the video to see who actually knows Jordy better:

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One commentator wrote on YouTube: “Her sister is at an awkward age, while you are in constant contact with your mother, and she can not do anything right in your eyes! lol ugh … ‘

Another fan said, “Three beautiful black women; I’m so happy that you can continue your life … go to the daughter-in-law, ma’am. “

Someone said, ‘Ahahahahah, I was like,’ Mom, mom must win ‘after the tie,’ Mom, you can always win ‘After the result,’ Mom do not worry about you being gone strong. ” involved that I forgot it was a video ‘

Recently, Jordyn had another surprise for his fans.


She made this exciting announcement on her social network account and told them that they could win a year of clothing.

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